2017 FRC Championship

Congratulations!  Your team has made it to Championship!

To get started on your trip to Houston - click here for travel information.

Link to firstinspires site where you can register your students and/or get information on what is happening at the event:  https://www.firstchampionship.org/houston-home

Some places to eat in Houston: Houston Restaurants.pdf

Rained Out Ap

-Join the RainedOut Text Notification system for the PNW FIRST Robotics District Championship event at Eastern Washington University in Cheney, WA on April 5-8, 2017.  We will be using text notifications to inform event participants of schedule changes, upcoming activities, and important announcements during the event.

-To get the Text notifications for the PNW District Championship event, use your smartphone to text an event code to 84483 and you will be subscribed to the notifications.  You may join or leave at any time.

 The PNW District Championship: PNWHOUSTON

 Procedure for Event Attendees:


To: 84483


List of teams attending with Division and Awards