FIRST Robotics Compeition District Organizing

This page is intended for partners who are starting up a new FIRST Robotics Compeition district. It is a guide to what we have done.

5/13/16 Detroit Presentation

Here are the presentation materials from the PNW District by Kevin Ross:

Funding FIRST in the Northwest.pdf  Letter to all PNW FRC Teams about payments

The 8/6/15 Production presentation

Here are some links to videos that show some of the setup in action. These are time lapses and go by very quickly! 

Glacier peak shows our standard single sided event and also shows the pits. This highlight reel will give you a good peek at lots of images of this event. 

Glacier Peak Highlights on Youtube

The Shorewood event is a difficult venue for us because the space is really tight in terms of pit space. As a double sided event, we put the AV equipment on a single end. It worked OK in terms of appearance, we had a lot of issues with audio levels by having the speakers on one end of the field. We also had feed back issues because the speakers pointed at the field. 

Shorewood Highlights on Youtube

Our Auburn Mountainview event is a double sided event. We put both screens on one end of the field. Speakers were done in our standard face the audience format. This video doesn't show the screens very often. It is an example of where we used the side skew functions of our projection equipment.

Auburn Mountianview Highlights on Youtube


Our video system

Though it evolves over time, this is the basics of our video system and the shopping list for it. 


Excel Spreadsheet with shopping list

Some Audio Equipment Links


JBL EON 518S Portable 18-inch 500-Watt Self-Powered Subwoofer

Ultimate Support TS-99B




Presentation slides and video

WFR District Setup.pdf

Youtube Video of presentation from 7/16/15

Other Information

Here is a set of information about how Washington FIRST Robotics organized the District Model events for the PNW District.

About Road Cases and Packing the truck

2015 Photo book of road cases.pdf


2015 Truck Packing Map.pdf

Pit Power and Generator Layout.pdf

Sample of pit map

Sign Print Package.pdf

Is there a planning guide for district events? 

Yep, there is: http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/regional-planning-committee