Building your FIRST Community:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workshops for Adults

FIRST Washington’s commitment to equity and access, we are pleased to partner with some of our FIRST Robotics Competition teams to host half day workshops for all coaches, mentors and volunteers. We have a professional DEI facilitator, Tareena Joubert joining us for this day.


The goal of these workshops is to support our communities, coaches and mentors in welcoming all students. Part of the success in recruiting students is broadening our base of coaches/mentors and volunteers who have similar backgrounds as our students. Helping FIRST broaden our base of adults to include more women, persons of color, and diverse professional backgrounds will help us position FIRST programs as inclusive and welcoming to all. Please join us by signing up today to learn some tips and tools on how you can assist!


Saturday, November 16, 9 AM – 1 PM Environmental Learning Center, Point Defiance. Thank you SotaBots, FRC team 2557 for hosting! RSVP here

Sunday, January 26, 10 AM – 3 PM Accesso Showare Center, Kent. RSVP here

Friday, February 28, 10 AM – 3:30  PM Clackamas Academy, Oregon City. Thank you Skynet, FRC team 2550 for hosting! RSVP here

Saturday, February 29, 10 AM – 3:30  PM Glacier Peak HS, Snohomish. Thank you Sonic Squirrels, FRC team 2930 for hosting! RSVP here

Friday, March 6, 10 AM – 3:30  PM West Valley HS, Spokane. Thank you CHUCK, FRC team 2147 for hosting! RSVP here

Saturday, March 7, 10 AM – 3:30  PM Auburn Mountain View, Auburn. Thank you Lion Robotics, FRC team 2907 for hosting! RSVP here

Saturday, March 21, 10 AM – 3:30  PM Bellingham HS, Bellingham. Thank you Seamonsters, FRC team 2605 for hosting! RSVP here

At FIRST Washington we recognize that our staff, coaches, mentors, volunteers, and students all bring unique experiences and perspectives, which cultivate an environment built for innovation. We assure that FIRST Washington will always uphold and encourage these fundamental beliefs in order to sustain excellence.