Long Event Name Event Code
12/01/18  Central South Richland (Sat) Richland (Sat 12/1)
12/01/18  Eastside Bellevue (Sat) Bellevue (Sat12/1)
12/01/18  Eastside Issaquah (Sat) Issaquah (Sat12/1)
12/01/18  North Sound Snohomish (Sat) Snohomish (Sat 12/1)
12/01/18  North Seattle (Sat) Seattle (Sat12/1)
12/01/18  South King Auburn (Sat) Auburn (Sat 12/1)
12/01/18  Southwest Camas (Sat) Camas (Sat12/1)
12/02/18  Eastside Bellevue (Sun) Bellevue (Sun12/2)
12/02/18  North Sound Snohomish (Sun) Snohomish (Sun 12/2)
12/02/18  North Seattle (Sun) Seattle (Sun12/2)
12/02/18  South King Auburn (Sun) Auburn (Sun 12/2)
12/08/18  Central South Pasco (Sat) Pasco (Sat 12/8)
12/08/18  Eastern Spokane (Sat) Spokane (Sat12/8)
12/08/18  Central Wenatchee (Sat) Wenatchee (Sat12/8)
12/08/18  North Sound (Sat) Everett Everett (Sat 12/8)
12/08/18  Northwest Mount Vernon (Sat) Mount Vernon (Sat 12/8)
12/08/18  Peninsula Bainbridge (Sat) Bainbridge (Sat12/8)
12/08/18  South Sound Lacey(Sat) Lacey (Sat12/8)
12/09/18  Eastern Spokane (Sun) Spokane (Sun12/9)
12/09/18  North Sound (Sun) Everett (Sun 12/9)
12/09/18  South Sound Lacey (Sun) Lacey (Sun 12/9)

Semifinal Assignments

FIRST Washington Event Assignments

Below are the event assignments so far. Many teams have yet to fill out the event registration or pay. If you'd like to check the status for your team, check below the event assignments for your status. 



FIRST  Washington Team Status

A Green Check mark indicates a team has completed the item

A Red X means the item is not complete

Information is updated once a day. Note: Information is NOT live/real-time

If you have not yet completed the Event Registration, you can find it here- http://bit.ly/2CGuToR